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Watch Zombie Apocalypse (2010) Full Movie Online Free

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Zombie Apocalypse Full Movie On Watch32: Two college roommates get the fright of their lives when they head out to the bar, and come face to face with a shambling army of the undead. All Mark and Tom wanted was a fun night out on the town, but now they’ll be forced to fight if they want to survive until dawn. Thankfully Mark is handy with an axe, and medical student Tom has played enough video games to keep his cool in the chaos. With depressive video store clerk Raven helping to fend off the horde, they may stand a chance of making it through the night without getting devoured – or worse. But who is Miller, and what connection does his missing wife have to these horrible creatures. By the time the weary survivors find out, it may already be too late. Watch Zombie Apocalypse (2010) Online.

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IMDB Rating: 2.9/10
Director: Ryan Thompson
Released Date: 16 February 2010
Time: 90 min
Genre: Horror

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