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Watch Whiteout (2009) Full Movie Online Free Watch32

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Whiteout Full Movie On Watch32: U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko is three days from the end of her tour at an international research station in Antarctica after which she’ll resign. An incident from her past haunts her. The continent’s first winter storm is coming when a body, wearing no gear, is discovered in the tundra. She investigates, soon finds more bodies, and must find a motive and a murderer before the storm and her departure. A U.N. agent, Robert Pryce, appears, seemingly out of nowhere, to help. An aging physician about to retire, a nervous mission chief, a downed Soviet plane, and the weather’s deadly elements add to the story. Can Carrie trust Pryce and does she still have what it takes?

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After reading some of reviews about this movie, I was expecting to another Hollywood potboiler, one utterly devoid of anything that even vaguely resembles a plausible story. But I was pleasantly surprised. Not only does this movie contain an interesting story, Kate Beckinsdale gives an excellent, believable performance as a U. S. Marshal who is trying to solve a baffling case. The story is plausible, the pace brisk, the acting strong and the cinematography impressive. In addition, the movie keeps the audience engaged from the start as events occur which at first seem inexplicable. The setting of the movie, Antartica, adds to this movie’s mood of foreboding and makes the story even more exciting and compelling. Watch Whiteout (2009) Online.

IMDB Rating: 5.5/10
Director: Dominic Sena
Released Date: 11 September 2009
Time: 101 min
Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery

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