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Watch We are Monster (2014) Full Movie Online

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We are Monster Full Movie: A monotonously grim journey around the mind of a homicidal young racist, the fact-based, low-budget British drama We Are Monster is chiefly of interest for announcing a raw new talent in the glowering shape of writer-star Leeshon Alexander. Seldom offscreen for the picture’s 88 minutes, the previously little-known Alexander chillingly incarnates the real-life Robert Stewart, a juvenile detention center prisoner who in 2000 murdered his cellmate Zahid Mubarek. Earnest and somber, if ultimately providing little in the way of genuine illumination, this debut outing for director Antony Petrou premieres in competition at Edinburgh but looks better suited to television outings than theatrical exposure. Nevertheless, Alexander appears to be a frontrunner for the venerable festival’s award for best performance in a British film and a win there may lead to further festival bookings.

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The most recent U.K. variant on penal themes, David Mackenzie’s Starred Up, successfully raised its young lead Jack O’Connell a step further toward international renown. We Are Monster isn’t in that kind of league in terms of tension, flair or narrative propulsion, and is much more of a low-key chamber piece which could easily be transferred to a theatrical setting. This would involve some degree of ingenuity casting-wise, however, as most of Stewart’s dialogue consists of conversations with himself — specifically, a sardonic, viciously goading alter ego representing the warped, psychotically prejudiced side of his personality, given to extended, foul-mouthed diatribes studded with crude white-supremacist invective. (The two “Stewarts” address each other using the first-person plural, hence the film’s grammatically incorrect title.)

By opening with Mubarek’s murder, Alexander and Petrou (who previously directed the actor in 2012’s little-seen, 40-minute Senet) ensure that the film proceeds under a shadow of inescapable horror, one made all the more sickening by the reluctance or inability of the authorities to recognize the dangers of placing Stewart and Mubarek in the same cell. “I’m sure they’ll become fast friends in no time,” one of the center’s officers remarks early on. “Should be a bit of a laugh, eh?” grins his colleague, in one example of the screenplay’s tendency toward somewhat heavy-handed irony. But the derelictions of duty in what a subsequent official report — quoted in the end titles — described as “a bewildering catalogue of shortcomings” are all too plausible in a film which does for England’s juvenile detention system what Steve McQueen’s Hunger did for the Northern Irish prison service.

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10
Director: Antony Petrou
Released Date: 1 May 2015
Time: 89 min
Genre: Drama

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