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Watch Uncertainty (2008) Full Movie Online Free

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Uncertainty Full Movie On Watch32: A young couple, Kate and Bobby, flip a coin on the Brooklyn bridge to determine the paths their lives take that day, the Fourth of July. The green path takes them to Brooklyn where they spend a quiet day with Kate’s family, coming to a better understanding of their status as a couple. The yellow path takes them to Manhattan where they are being chased by a gunman and are in the center of a dangerous crime ring involving large amounts of money. What does the future hold for Kate and Bobby?

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I really liked this film. Joseph-Gordon Levitt’s choices in films are almost always stellar (“Stop-Loss” ruins his ‘street-cred’). This film assures us that he has not lost his ability to find solid scripts and amazing directors.

The reason why this film is so interesting is because of its structure. To help make a decision, a couple flips a coin, then two stories progress simultaneously. Each story shows us the outcome of a different coin-toss result. One story is a mystery/action film and the other shows us how the two characters interact in a dysfunctional family BBQ. Beautifully shot and performed. The film masterfully uses the coin-flip device and avoids being gimmicky – kudos! Watch Uncertainty (2008) Online.

IMDB Rating: 5.8/10
Director: Scott McGehee, David Siegel
Released Date: 4 August 2012
Time: 101 min
Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller

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