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Watch From Time to Time (2009) Full Movie Online Free

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From Time to Time Full Movie On Watch32: In 1940s England, thirteen year old Tolly is sent to Green Knowe, the country estate of his grandmother, while his mother searches for any information concerning his missing-in-action father. Tolly soon finds that he can pass through time to witness the family stories Grandmother Oldknow tells him. Traveling back to 1805, Tolly becomes caught up in the family scandals, secrets, and mysteries that still echo in his own time…

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This film is about a young boy who goes to stay with his grandmother’s stately home during the Second World War. He finds the house’s secret ability to transport him back in time.

“From Time to Time” successfully weaves together past and present events in a logical manner. Many time travel stories have major plot loopholes, but “From Time to Time” has a logical plot that even when people from present interacts with people in the past and alter events from the past. I particularly like the fact that bits of stories weave together, such as the “miracle light” and the jewels, so everything in the film happens for a reason. I enjoyed watching “From Time to Time” a lot. Watch From Time to Time (2009) Online.

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10
Director: Julian Fellowes
Released Date: 24 September 2010
Time: 92 min
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

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