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Watch The Innocents (2016) Full Movie Online Free Watch32

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The Innocents Full Movie On Watch32: Poland, winter of 1945. Mathilde Beaulieu (Lou de Lâage) is a young intern working with a branch of the French Red Cross. They are on a mission to find, treat and repatriate French survivors of the German camps. One day, a Polish nun arrives in the hospital. In very poor French, she begs Mathilde to come to her convent. Mathilde life and beliefs change when she discovers the advanced state of pregnancy that affect several of the Sisters of the convent just outside the hospital where she performs.

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Poland, immediately after WWII: a high-stress French Red Cross unit is working MASH-style to treat and evacuate numerous wounded French soldiers. A desperate Polish nun asks for help, but by rule the corpsmen can treat only French military, but by luck and by example the nun moves a young French nurse to break that rule. At the convent she finds that the emergency is that a nun is about to give birth, and with no more help than her sisters’ whispered prayers. The subsequent revelations are all convincing and all horrible, especially because the nuns have just barely survived both German and Russian armies, and their cloistered order is extremely backward. This riveting and beautifully filmed story is said to be based on fact. That always makes me want to know more than the ‘based on’ part. ‘Facts are stubborn things,’ as John Adams said, to which I add that filmmakers are malleable. They have to make the facts into a story. In this case I felt the wind-up of the story was a high-fructose invention—pat, glib, convenient. Excellent nevertheless. Watch The Innocents (2016) Online.

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10
Director: Anne Fontaine
Released Date: 10 February 2016
Time: 105 min
Genre: Drama

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