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Watch Teenage Kicks (2016) Full Movie Online Free

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Teenage Kicks Full Movie On Watch32: Seventeen year old Miklós Varga’s plans to escape his migrant family and run away with his best friend Dan are crushed by the accidental death of his older brother Tomi. Only Mik knows the events that led to this tragedy, and he is suddenly forced to navigate his guilt and explosive sexuality to find the man he can become.

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Now this is a movie that makes me proud to be an Aussie. I can not fault any actor in this movie from the main characters to support characters, even location shoots and cinematography. It is s a superb script, well written and directed however even with a great story and director if the cast were mediocre, so would the movie be however the actors in this gave 100%, one would wonder how they can score higher in their art. Special mentions to the two main characters, Miles Szanto and Daniel Webber, again I mention just two however all cast deserve a big 10 stars for their part as the whole movie rolls on with no pregnant pauses because of the support cast. Also the location people deserve a 10 as well. No this does not have wild and spectacular CGI but it needs none of it. It is a raw and gritty movie of the turbulence of Milos and his best friend Dan who is pulled into a world spiraling out of control and with little skill or worldly knowledge to deal with his best mate’s issue. It is sad, happy and just a fantastic movie made so also because Aussie film makers find it hard to get funding and for a movie with Gay tendencies, even harder. I think I have given one 10 and that was because it deserved a higher ranking which I stated so in my write up, this deserves better than a 10. Congratulations to everyone involved. Watch Teenage Kicks (2016) Online.

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10
Director: Craig Boreham
Released Date: June 2016
Time: 98 min
Genre: Drama

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