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Watch Storming Juno (2010) Full Movie Online Free

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Storming Juno Full Movie On Watch32: In June 1944, the Western Allies invaded the Third Reich in Operation Overlord, and Canada was a participant with its area of operations in Normandy, France designated Juno Beach. This film depicts the true stories of several Canadian soldiers in the invasion in its various aspects like the paratroopers, tank crews and regular infantry. Braving misfortune and ferocious German resistance, these Canadians fought to bring the fight to the Nazis in Western Europe at last.

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Dedicate yourself to viewing a war film or documentary over the course of the Sept 11th Remembrance Holiday W/E. Canada is a modest nation in terms of population, temperament and the size of our film and doc industry. Our story is unique, and it’s been too long overshadowed by our American neighbor’s mega-industry. Recently, there have been some excellent Canadian films about this nation’s contributions in various wars. STORMING JUNO (2010) is one not to miss. An excellent docudrama depicting events on the D-Day invasion when Canadian troops landed at Juno Beach. The director eerily captures the Canadian personae: boys hardly men, of quiet strength, determination, ability and courage; also fear, trepidation and naiveté going to battle, with their remarkable performance against grueling odds. Veteran survivors – now octogenarians are interviewed following the dramatization. Their emotions span pride, shame, sadness, nostalgia and a sort of bewilderment. STORMING JUNO enacts specific events of the men who served in the various divisions: the amphibious tank team, the beach landing team, the paratrooper team, all set on achieving their objectives in a gripping minute by minute story. Watch Storming Juno (2010) Online.

IMDB Rating: 6.9/10
Director: Tim Wolochatiuk
Released Date: 11 November 2010
Time: 88 min
Genre: History, War

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