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Watch The Relationtrip (2017) Full Movie Online Free Watch32

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The Relationtrip Full Movie On Watch32: At an age when everyone around them is settling down and finding love, Beck and Liam are self-proclaimed loners. After bonding over their mutual disinterest in relationships, they decide to go away together on a ‘friend’ trip. And that’s when things get weird. Really, surreally weird.

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What a delight from beginning to end. A trip through fun, surreal, life, friends, relationships and relationtrips! An honest look at today’s romance. Fast pace with heart and oh so much energy. Acting superb. Just loved the music too. Not to be missed. We wonder what’s next. Kudos to everyone involved. We need more movies like this to uplift our spirits. The Relationtrip, a real gem! Watch The Relationtrip (2017) Online.

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10
Director: C.A. Gabriel, Renée Felice Smith
Released Date: 11 March 2017
Time: 90 min
Genre: Comedy

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