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Watch Recep Ivedik (2008) Full Movie Online Free

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Recep Ivedik Full Movie On Watch32: The movie is about a man trying to impress his childhood lover, although it may sound like a romantic movie, it is not. When Recep comes see’s Sibel he starts to remember the old days, from there on he goes into very ridiculous lengths to impress her. The story gets a bit complicated when Recep comes across many obstacles but overcomes everything in his own funny ways.

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Sahan is one of the most popular stand up comedian in Turkey. I loved the Humor in this movie, very funny, very Turkish Humor. You need to be Turkish and understand well the language and the humor, and then you will see that it’s one of the greatest comedy movie of this last years. Sahan did couple of scenes on Turkish TV as known with the personage Recep Ivedik, a Turkish guy with lots of humor. There was such a great demand after this character that Sahan made a complete movie. It’s a big success in Turkey, again, You must speak very well Turkish to understand all the scenes. Go see the movie, you will enjoy it, and you will laugh non-stop. Watch Recep Ivedik (2008) Online.

IMDB Rating: 4.8/10
Director: Togan Gökbakar
Released Date: 22 February 2008
Time: 90 min
Genre: Comedy

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