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Watch Post Mortem (2010) Full Movie Online Free

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Post Mortem Full Movie On Watch32: Mario, 55, works in a morgue typing autopsy reports. In the midst of the 1973 Chilean coup, he fantasizes about his neighbor Nancy, a cabaret dancer, who mysteriously disappears on September the 11th. After a violent Army raid on her family’s home, he hears about the arrest of her brother and father, a prominent Communist and Salvador Allende supporter. Troubled and madly passionate over the loss of his would-be lover, Mario begins his frantic search for Nancy.

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This disturbing movie is a masterpiece. It’s about the death of a nation and the death of people. And love. It looks as has been shot in 16mm and blown up to normal format: the image is dirty, the characters are “ghosts” coming from the past, the violence is chilling. Mario, the main character, is a kind of social chameleon trying to survive in a dead society. Some scenes are unbearable: the way Mario goes backstage in the theater, the close shot of Nancy in the dressing room (think of Dreyer), the crying scene at the table, the final, incredible scene, a kind of “modern art work” putting objects one above the other. Larrain is one of the new masters of contemporary cinema, and his actors are great. Unforgettable. Watch Post Mortem (2010) Online.

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10
Director: Pablo Larraín
Released Date: 11 April 2012
Time: 98 min
Genre: Drama

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