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Watch Personal Effects (2009) Full Movie Online Free Watch32

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Personal Effects Full Movie On Watch32: Walter, 24, is a wrestler, competing for a spot on the national team when he learns of his sister’s brutal death. He comes home to help his mother; he works out, takes a dead-end job, and goes to the trial of the accused murderer. He becomes friends with Linda, her husband murdered; she’s raising a teen son, Clay, who’s deaf. Walter gets Clay into wrestling. He accompanies Linda to events at a center where she works. He sees her at the courthouse. They wait for verdicts. Walter’s mother takes her daughter’s things to a rummage sale. Clay has his father’s pistol. How will grief express itself?

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This movie was well written and the acting was far beyond my expectations.

Not that the whole cast isn’t already great, but Ashton K was really much better than I expected him to be at acting without words… I’m used to enjoying comedy and far out roles for him…but his take on an ordinary character with problems was unexpectedly deep and rang true.

The ending and the overall message that the movie left was also a pleasant surprise. I first thought this movie was going to be a study in the gloom of sudden loss. I think viewers will smile if they watch thru to the last frame …there’s a nice little twist if you look close. Watch Personal Effects (2009) Online.

IMDB Rating: 6.3/10
Director: David Hollander
Released Date: 27 March 2009
Time: 106 min
Genre: Drama

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