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Watch Killer Crush (2015) Full Movie Online Free

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Killer Crush Full Movie On Watch32: Paige Clement is a medical student. She’s also a very disturbed young woman, reeling from her father’s suicide, and living with her sister in a very dysfunctional relationship. All this is about to change, when Doctor Lucas Emery becomes her new teacher… Sexy, smart, charismatic, this is the man of her dreams, the one she’s been waiting for… Soon she’ll be hired to help with Lucas’ sick wife… until she implements her plan to become the new Mrs. Emery! Lucas’ and everyone else’s lives will spiral out of control as Paige becomes ever more delusional.

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I was really enjoying this movie. It was very interesting, until the end. I felt that the movie should have added something to let people know what happened in finding Paige’s sister. Maybe there should be a sequel. The acting in this movie was very good. I would have liked to have seen some flashback on Paige’s breakdown after her mother died. Her sister should have had more into this movie. After her father committed suicide, there should have been more emphasis on her addition to alcohol. Also, I think there should have been more about the Doctor’s wife in the previous years. The little girl was excellent and adorable. There would have been more mystery if the daughter suspected Paige as being too pushy with her mother. It would have been more interesting if Gabby questioned her husband about sleeping so much.

In summary, the overall movie was great! I loved the actors. The end of the movie was short, but overall I liked it. Watch Killer Crush (2015) Online.

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10
Director: Anthony Lefresne
Released Date: 4 April 2015
Time: 86 min
Genre: Thriller

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