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Watch Happythankyoumoreplease (2010) Full Movie Online Free

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Happythankyoumoreplease Full Movie On Wacth32: Six New Yorkers juggle love, friendship, and the keenly challenging specter of adulthood. Sam Wexler is a struggling writer who’s having a particularly bad day. When a young boy gets separated from his family on the subway, Sam makes the questionable decision to bring the child back to his apartment and thus begins a rewarding, yet complicated, friendship. Sam’s life revolves around his friends-Annie, whose self-image keeps her from commitment; Charlie and Mary Catherine, a couple whose possible move to Los Angeles tests their relationship; and Mississippi, a cabaret singer who catches Sam’s eye.

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This is an excellent “slice of life” movie, very easy to relate to and entertaining. It manages to be optimistic without being saccharine sweet. The writer/director, while male, depicts women characters with compassion and understanding. And New York in summer feels like the real thing, in a way that the best Woody Allen films do. Most impressive and enjoyable, though, are the performances. Malin Ackerman has never been better. Tony Hale is a revelation! Josh is excellent (and nothing like Ted Mosby). The little boy, Michael Algieri, is a natural. And Kate Mara — omg! Not only is she gorgeous, funny and engaging, she’s an amazing singer!! Watching her one feels a star being born. The songs by Jaymay — which are the movie’s score — are perfect. And tech credits (cinematography, editing, production design) are fantastic. Watch Happythankyoumoreplease (2010) Online.

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10
Director: Josh Radnor
Released Date: 3 March 2011
Time: 100 min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

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