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Watch Gutter King (2010) Full Movie Online Free

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Gutter King Full Movie On Watch32: Gutter King is an urban coming-of-age fight drama about a tough street kid just released from the Juvenile Department of Corrections. His new foster father tries to channel the boy’s rage into the world of amateur bare-knuckle brawling, but his jealous brother has other plans.

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Personally, I loved the camera angles. The use of lighting and such really kept me engaged in the film. I liked how there was a mix between action and fight scenes and the personal side of it… like Will’s relationship with Bob, Paul and Bebe. I think not going into super specific details about Bebe’s home life really cast a certain air of suspense in the film, it let my mind wander and I liked that about it. I loved how the soundtrack worked for the film… it was a little different and not what I’m used to, but that made it hit a really cool new level for an action film. Overall, I was very pleased with this film and would definitely watch it again. Watch Gutter King (2010) Online.

IMDB Rating: 4.3/10
Director: Keith Alan Morris
Released Date: 2010
Time: 98 min
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller


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