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Watch Green Street Hooligans (2005) Full Movie Online Free Watch32

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Green Street Hooligans Full Movie On Watch32: Unjustly expelled from Harvard when a stash of cocaine is found in his possession, Matt moves to London to live with his sister and her husband Steve. He is quickly introduced to Steve’s chirpy, cock-sure younger brother Pete. Initially, Pete is reluctant to get acquainted with Matt and allow him to tread around the capital city with him because he may be seen by others as an ‘outsider’, but after a heavy drinking session with him and his mates he quickly changes his opinion of him. On the way back from a football match, Matt is viciously accosted by a gang of Birmingham City thugs, until Pete and his friends step in and save him. It is from here that Matt learns the truth about Pete and his friends- they are football hooligans, operating the GSE (Green Street Elite) ‘firm.’ Initially afraid of the violence, Matt soon ends up becoming as desensitized to it as his new found friends – but as events roll on, suspicion, shocking revelations and unsettled scores combine to a devastating …

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The acting is spot-on, the direction and cinematography are practically flawless. Elijah proves again what a unique talent he has always been. I hope this film is released on this side of the herring pond. It is thoroughly entertaining! I was a little worried about the probability of a clean-cut kid from Harvard being drawn so easily into the lifestyle of football hooliganism for any reason, but it works well. Even though I still think it would have been more convincing if Matt had a background that would indicate a slight interest violent sports, say if he was a kick boxer or push hand enthusiast, for example. Matt’s motivation bothered me more than any of the violence depicted. Still, it is an excellent film. Watch Green Street Hooligans (2005) Online.

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10
Director: Lexi Alexander
Released Date: 9 September 2005
Time: 49 min
Genre: Crime, Drama, Sport

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