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Watch Garfield (2004) Full Movie Online Free

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Garfield Full Movie On Watch32: Garfield, the fat, lazy, lasagna lover, has everything a cat could want. But when Jon, in an effort to impress the Liz – the vet and an old high-school crush – adopts a dog named Odie and brings him home, Garfield gets the one thing he doesn’t want. Competition. One night Odie runs away and gets dog-napped after Garfield locks him outside. Garfield, in an out of character move, goes to search for and rescue Odie with the help of a variety of animal friends along the way.

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I thought Garfield was a fun, up-to-date, too cheesy to be real-life depiction of the cartoon that captured us for so long. It’s not the humorous kicking-Odie-off-the-table laughs that we had in the cartoon, but it’s fun, light-hearted, and adventurous. Garfield, although mean to Odie, has a soft spot for him. Jon still struggles to win the love of Liz, and everyone has room to fill their characters. Although we don’t see as much interaction between Garfield’s thoughts and Jon’s vocal communication, as we did in the cartoons, they coincide their actions in other ways. This movie is a fun-for-all-ages type movie. I definitely recommend it. Watch Garfield (2004) Online.

IMDB Rating: 5.0/10
Director: Peter Hewitt
Released Date: 11 June 2004
Time: 80 min
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family

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