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Watch Detour (2009) Full Movie Online Free

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Detour Full Movie On Watch32: Explore your worst possible fears in this shocking horror thriller inspired by terrifying true events! Driving back to Norway, Lina and Martin reach a roadblock where a policeman tells them to take a detour deep into the Swedish forest. But soon one creepy incident after another leaves them stranded in the dark woods and everything seems much too bizarre to be accidental. What Lina and Martin don’t know is that they are under constant video surveillance and have been cast in the leading roles of a live Internet snuff movie with a definitive end.

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This movie is awesome. Plain forward good kicking’ entertainment. Lot’s of the horror elements you like to see, makes the chills go down your neck, and then spooks and shakes you out of your mind. Some nail popping’, gimp kicking’, old hag busting’ action! A couple is driving from Norway to Sweden to get some cheap booze. They get car trouble in the deep woods and need to seek assistance at the nearest house. Well this is where the fun begins.

The protagonist have to show what shes made of when battling man pigs and other dangers to save the day (Love a good female hero!). She has a awesome boyfriend, and it’s very enjoyable to see the flirt romantic scenes with the two of them. It’s real cozy before all hell breaks loose. So if you want to see a straight “cut the crap” forward good entertaining horror thriller, “Snarveien(Detour)” is the way to go. Is by far one of the best movies from Norwegian cinema, cause of it’s strong acting (this is unlike Norwegian film), great twist ridden script and flawless directing Enjoi! Watch Detour (2009) Online.

IMDB Rating: 5.2/10
Director: Severin Eskeland
Released Date: 31 July 2009
Time: 77 min
Genre: Horror, Thriller

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