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Watch Death Race 2 (2010) Full Movie Online Free Watch32

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Death Race 2 Full Movie On Watch32: Explores the origins of the first “Frankenstein” car driver, Carl “Luke” Lucas, who died in a race at the beginning of the first film.

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This movie was actually pretty good. A decent story line, decent special effects. The main character is a bad guy with a heart, someone we all can relate to. It is good to see the origins of some of the Death Race characters. I always wondered how ‘Lists’ ended up in jail and where they found that iron prison warden lady. But it is a shame that we all know how it ended for Luke, he dies in the first part of Death Race. Danny Trejo played a decent role as the crew chief but I would have rather seen him smashing someones brains in. The double storyline is well executed, Luke tries to race is way out of prison and his former boss wants to kill him. It is great that one of his crewmen tries to kill him, if he did not try it, the whole storyline was unconvincing. All-in-all a pretty good movie about love, crime and auto racing. Watch Death Race 2 (2010) Online.

IMDB Rating: 5.6/10
Director: Roel Reiné
Released Date: 18 January 2011
Time: 96 min
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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