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Watch Correcting Christmas (2014) Full Movie Online Free Watch32

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Correcting Christmas Full Movie On Watch32: Last Christmas, Allie broke things off with her boyfriend, Cameron (Michael Muhney). Looking back, she regrets it and no longer believes in the magic of Christmas, but when she meets Ginny, a truly magical being, she gets the chance to relive last Christmas. Determined to make the relationship last this time, she pulls out all the stops but realizes, you can’t always change the past and happiness may appear in the strangest places.

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This movie was perfect for one of those days when you don’t want any more drama and just need to laugh. It wasn’t jut your average, cheesy TV romance movie. i have always had low standards for TV movies, but this one best all odds and warmed my heart. The plot, even though this was just a TV movie, was intricate and conveyed a message that got through to the audience. There were many comedic moments and even my dad was able to get into it. I am a huge an of Michael Muhney, so that may have made me more accepting of it, but overall I think it was a great movie and its staying on my PVR for next year. This movie is fun an appropriate for the entire family. Sure to put you in the Christmas spirit. Watch Correcting Christmas (2014) Online.

IMDB Rating: 6.0/10
Director: Tim O’Donnell
Released Date: 20 December 2014
Time: 86 min
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

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