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Watch Carriers (2009) Full Movie Online Free Watch32

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Carriers Full Movie On Watch32: In a world devastated by an outbreak, Brian, his girlfriend Bobby, his brother Danny and their friend, Kate, are heading to a beach where the brothers spent their childhood vacations expecting it to be a sanctuary. When their car breaks down on the road in the desert, they negotiate with a man called Frank, who is also stranded but without gas. He is trying to get his daughter Jodie to the hospital (she is infected with a disease of some kind), they all decide to travel together. During the journey, massive moral dilemmas arise, as events head into a downward spiral.

Four young people try and survive in a world overrun by a deadly virus. The film concentrates on how the four react to each other as they hit trouble on their journey to find a safe haven.

This is a familiar story but it creates a very tense and doom laden atmosphere with great cinematography. The dialogue and performances are very natural and the film makes you question what you would do in the same scenario.

This is a much better film than the superficially similar Contagion and benefits from focusing on just a few characters. It shows that even without a big budget if you have a sharp script you can make a very good film. This is one of the few films that gets better as it progresses and the ending was excellent.

I wasn’t expecting too much from this film and it surpassed my expectations by a long way. If you like post apocalyptic films then this is well worth a watch. Watch Carriers (2009) Online.

IMDB Rating: 6.0/10
Director: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor
Released Date: 11 December 2009
Time: 84 min
Genre: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

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