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Watch Bruc, the Manhunt (2010) Full Movie Online Free

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Bruc, the Manhunt Full Movie On Watch32: 1808. The Napoleonic Army suffers its first defeat at the hands of a single man: a drummer boy who used the Montserrat mountains to echo his drums and send the enemy troops into a panicked retreat. When the news reaches Napoleon, he furiously orders the captain of the Imperial Guard to bring back the head of the young hero responsible for his army’s defeat. The captain gathers together a band of his best and most deadly men and so begins the hunt to death of the soldier who was to become a legend.

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each legend has a large circle of expectations when it becomes subject of a movie. this case is not different. but if it is far to be remarkable, it remains a beautiful one. maybe for splendid landscapes but, in same measure, for the decent manner to present the story. love, fights, resistance against the powerful enemy, Vincent Perez in a not bad role- mixture of interesting nuances-, Juan Jose Ballesta in skin of a character who reminds his Paolo from Hispania. La Leyenda, the few characters who does the atmosphere more complex – first the reporter – are the good ingredients of a film who has not other desire than reminds old values, the pure taste of adventure, courage . Watch Bruc, the Manhunt (2010) Online.

IMDB Rating: 5.6/10
Director: Daniel Benmayor
Released Date: January 2010
Time: 85 min
Genre: Adventure, History

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