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Watch Blood Punch (2014) Full Movie Online Free

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Blood Punch Full Movie On Watch32: A young man breaks out of rehab to follow a mysterious bad girl into an easy drug score. But when she lures him to an isolated cabin with her psychotic boyfriend, their simple love triangle quickly descends into a mind-blowing supernatural cycle of carnage and mayhem with no end…and no escape.

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Over the top – crazy – surprising – amazing – and really cool. All of these words describe this movie – one of the time loop/horror genre movies which have become popular. The first clue we get that all is not well is that a young man – Milton – awakes, vomits into the toilet , then watches a video he taped in the future. It is revealed that he is a recovering drug addict – sort of a Walter White wannabe – who gets recruited by Skyler – a sexy, brash girl, to cook a large amount of crystal meth. To make things interesting her boyfriend, Russell (as she puts it) “has not made a pact with the devil, he is the devil”.

Russell is a great character, a full blown psychopathic maniac – who is hilariously over the top. For me to really like a movie, I have to care about and like at least some of the characters. I actually liked all three of the principles in the story. Watch Blood Punch (2014) Online.

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10
Director: Madellaine Paxson
Released Date: 21 February 2014
Time: 104 min
Genre: Horror, Thriller

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