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Watch A Million (2009) Full Movie Online Free

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A Million Full Movie On Watch32: Eight young people try to survive a deadly game show for the million-dollar prize.

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Just visited “A Million”. I visited I say? To tell the truth is the fourth time that I attempt to view it. Why? Because I love it too! Undoubtedly there are many other best Korean films of this but do not know how to explain it … but this film as I say I like too, want to really charming atmosphere, both for the pathos that is able to convey, either for the rich characters and very often not devoid of morality and that are unexpected in their way of acting and of course for many other reasons. The plot is very smooth and is full of surprises, especially at the end that according to the tradition of Korean cinema does not disappoint the expectations of the viewer. I’m sorry to see many this film is not so much appreciated and it is unfortunate, and not to defend the film but I find it unfairly underestimate. It is not a perfect agreement, but I consider it a good movie survivor movie very addictive, fast-paced and full of facets. Watch A Million (2009) Online.

IMDB Rating: 5.6/10
Director: Min-ho Cho
Released Date: 6 August 2009
Time: 114 min
Genre: Thriller

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