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Watch 1898. Los últimos de Filipinas (2016) Full Movie Online Free

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1898. Los últimos de Filipinas Full Movie On Watch32: In 1898, Spain sends a military squad to the town of Baler, Fillippines, to protect one of the last colonies of the Spanish Empire to avoid that rebel natives recover its ancient territories. Lead by Captain Enrique de las Morenas and Lieutenant Cerezo, a prideful military, the soldiers are stalked during a night by the rebels, being forced to refuge in the church under the wing of Fray Carmelo, Laber’s priest. Turning the church in a military fort, the permanent heat and malaria starts to sick to diverse men. After Captain’s death by a disease called beriberi, Cerezo turns in the new leader of the squad, faced constantly by the power with Jimeno, a soldier from the previous squad annihilated by the natives. Turning each time more paranoid and obsessive with the victory and the glory of the Spanish Empire, the rebels Fillipines close to Cerezo to explain that Spain sold the Fillipines Islands to USA, losing all the colonies for finishing the Spanish Empire, and that the war is over. …

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After the nearly annihilation of the military post in Baler (Philippines) by the local independist forces, the Spanish colonial power decides to send 50 men reinforcement to reclaim the village 200 kilometers from Manila. Due to the local uprising they decide to ditch in the local mission. The Spanish forces, against all odds, manage to resits a siege of more than 11 months. Their epic defence is still part of the Spanish army lore and one of the few watermarks n the 89 traumatic loss of the last Spanish colonies. Baler represents not only the end of the Spanish global Empire but the beginning of the US neocolonial power. Watch 1898. Los últimos de Filipinas (2016) Online.

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10
Director: Salvador Calvo
Released Date: 3 March 2017
Time: 105 min
Genre: Drama, War

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